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Arctic Animals Habitat Sort

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Who belongs to the Arctic and who doesn’t?  Practice sorting animals by habitat with this unique take on a file folder game.

What’s A “Boxable”?

A few years ago, I fell in love with File Folder Games.  They are so convenient and fun for practicing skills.  But I DIDN’T love how much it cost to buy a box of folders and I didn’t like the look of gluing backgrounds and mats onto the folders.  Plus… It seemed like my kids were done with them far faster than the time it took me to make them!

So I started working on a solution and ended up creating “Boxables”.

You print these games double sided on card stock and they create their own file folder, complete with game mats and labels!  No need to glue it onto a file folder.  It only takes about 10 minutes or less to make the games and we work hard to make sure the kids play with it longer than it takes you to make it!  🙂

Why are they called Boxables?  Because I also created printable boxes you can assemble that will hold your games! ♥  ENJOY!


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