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Amazing Alphabet Book – Letter Hunt

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I made this file back in 2013 when we had a very different cart system.  When that imploded (it was epic!) I started moving my shop to our lovely new system here.  This oldie never made the leap!  A dear customer recalled it and asked where it was.  Here it is! ♥  ENJOY!


This is 26 activity pages that encourage children to recognize letters in the many different ways they may be found when encountered in the world.  🙂  We had fun with fonts on this one!  Children simply circle all of the instances of the featured letter that they see on the page.  They are tipped this way and that, written in different styles, and sometimes partnered with letters that are frequently mistaken for each other.  (bdpq etc) so it can be a bit challenging!   ENJOY!  Have fun.  Learn lots! ♥


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