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Alphabet Eggs & Printable Baskets!

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Perfect For Your Hands On Learners!

This set is so much learning fun for kids who are about 2 1/2 up through 6 or 7 years old! ┬áThere’s so much to learn with these that when you make them, you’ll find that, though you may put them away for a while, you’ll pull them back out again and again.

These eggs “crack” open to reveal a sweet picture and it’s accompanying word!

Kids will learn:

  • Upper case letters
  • Lower case letters
  • Letter sounds
  • Beginning sounds
  • Letters form words
  • Written words represent real things
  • Alphabetical order

With this set, you get:

  • All 26 letters of the alphabet represented in these fun, crackable eggs
  • 6 different colored PRINTABLE baskets to store them in (you only need one basket per set)

Other supplies you need:

These are so easy to put together and so full of learning potential that you’ll be using them over and over. I sincerely hope you love them! (And they’re great for ANY TIME… not just Easter!)

1 review for Alphabet Eggs & Printable Baskets!

  1. cindi_proctor2000 (verified owner)

    Very clever!

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