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Weekends, Apple Fritters & George Washington

What do those three things have in common?  Well, actually not that much.    Except that this

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Please Go Vote!

I love this country.  I love it’s people.  I love it’s spirit.  I love the hope that this country stands for. I love that in this country, we can have different

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Happy Birthday, U.S. Constitution!

Today is Constitution Day!  Do you have something to work on with your students to help celebrate and educate? If not, try this Freebie!  It’s a puzzle of the preamble to the

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Quotes From Famous Americans–Free Sample Pack

It’s not quite September (which means you still have one day left to enter the Not Back To School Blog Hop GIveaway!) but I just can’t wait to get this freebie out to you.  Our two focuses this

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For Love Of the United States Of America

I love my country.  Deeply. I did so in a sort of nebulous way years ago.  I knew in my heart that the US was the best country on the planet.  But why? Why was a question I couldn’t answer.  And

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