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Family Time Fitness at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!

Have you ever visited the Homeschool Buyers Co-op?  It’s pretty cool to be able to purchase as a big group

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For Love Of the United States Of America

I love my country.  Deeply. I did so in a sort of nebulous way years ago.  I knew in my heart that the US was the best country on the planet.  But why? Why was a question I couldn’t

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Whew.. It’s nearly August: HOLD ON TO SUMMER!

Has anyone else looked at the calendar lately?  I just did.  Suddenly felt like I needed to know when I should plan on planning on planning for the coming school year and there

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The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus & A Giveaway

I LOVE this time of year.  We have many traditions that begin with Thanksgiving and lead us right into the new year.  And thanks to my very dear friend, Eileen Corey, we’ve been able to enjoy another

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We LOVE All About Spelling!

We were out today, bowling with the youth league (so fun!), when my 5 year old tugged my sleeve in excitement.  I quickly looked up from the baby I was entertaining to see if she had gotten a strike. 

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Clock Stamps

Sure you could print some clock worksheets (which I’ll be sharing here with you in the not-to-distant-future) but when I pulled out my clock stamp, my kids were so excited!   I stamped some clocks

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