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Not Back To School … Blog Hop Coming!

I’m not ready to not go back to school!  But ready or not, the Not Back To School Blog Hop is on it’s way. 

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Workbox Wednesday–Three Day Freebie!

Every Wednesday, here at Little Learning Lovies, we’ll be giving away a set of free workbox tags.  But there’s a little catch…. They will only be available for free on Wednesday,

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What’s In The Box Wednesday: Workbox Planning

Did you see our new awesome school closet a few weeks ago?  I’m just loving that thing!  I’ve since added a  little shelf to the side that makes storing often used materials

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May Calendar Planning Pack

Look!  I finished this for you before May!  I’m so excited to bring

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What’s in the Box Wednesday: Our Set-Up

Well, I realize that it isn’t actually Wednesday.  And I also realize that I haven’t posted a Wednesday feature in a few weeks, but I’ll tell you why:  I was embarrassed to show you

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April Calendar Re-Do!

Were you left feeling as let-down by my last calendar attempt as I was?  It was blah.  It was drab.  It did have that cute little duck, but really it wasn’t anything special, was it? Well, I have

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April Calendar For You

I meant to get this out to you sooner and I meant for it to be a whole workbox planning package.  Instead, it’s just a month calendar.  I’ll try and get it all done in time for May! But isn’t

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Our Daily Organizer

We love workboxes, a system created by Sue Patrick. If you have little ones, or even bigger ones, that you are working with at home, you should visit her site, then google ‘workboxes’ and

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