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Never Underestimate the Power Of Your Smile

It was the end of a long, rough day. My husband and I both had far too much to accomplish within far too few

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Getting Through the Weeds: How to Prioritize Your Day

I have been…behind this week. Like, dishes-piled-in-the-sink-for-two-days,-can’t-see-the-kitchen-counters,-still-doing-last-week’s-laundry… behind. Since moving

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Daily Routine Helper Cards {FREE!}

This freebie has expired! (FIND MORE FREEBIES HERE) But you can still go grab a set of these cards for a very small fee!  Your purchase helps directly support this site along with the

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Kitchen Prep Day

About five years ago I made a choice to stop using processed food in my home if I could afford the fresh, homemade options.  This meant I had to make most everything from scratch.  I’m a single

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THIS … Is Homeschooling (#1)

Not long ago, I asked you all to help me out with something… I wanted you to send me some pictures of your kids doing their homeschooling thing so I could share them here.  I wanted to help debunk

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I Need Your Help With A Fun Project… {Calling All Homeschoolers}

Have You Heard This Crazy Homeschooling Myth? I’ve read a LOT of articles lately about poor, sheltered homeschoolers who don’t get the opportunity to learn from diverse viewpoints or work with

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The NOT-Back-To-School Happy Dance

I don’t usually write things like this, but this topic is rather heavy on my heart as I see all those happy-mom-dances on social media with the tail end of a school bus in the background. It is not

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