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A Word Family Christmas

Hi there! It looks like you're pretty new here at Little Learning Lovies. I'm so excited to see you! Sign up for our emails today and you'll get a free printable mini-unit right away when you do...

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Our Daily Organizer

We love workboxes, a system created by Sue Patrick. If you have little ones, or even bigger ones, that you are working with at home, you should visit her site, then google ‘workboxes’ and

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On The Fence

My three children are all very young. The twins, my oldest children, are just about to turn old enough to attend public school next fall. And if I were like most other mothers on my street, I would

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The Big Move

It’s been an interesting process, moving my still-fresh blog from blogger to wordpress.  Very educational, and pretty fun. I’m excited about all the possibilities here that just aren’t

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