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Currently, we are having a sale on our BIG Bundle of US Geography Resources.  As an affiliate, I want you to be able see the files and try them out.  You are welcome to do a review of them if you’d like to in order to build more excitement for the launch.   So at the bottom of this page, there are links where you can download some of the goodies!  ENJOY THEM, but do not share them.

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 LAUNCH WEEK for our Spelling Curriculum!

Affiliates get to try this completely free!  Just put the Spelling Curriculum in your cart and use coupon code SpellingAffiliate to get it free.



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US Geography Bundle Resources


May 26th through June 9th 2018 we have a flash sale going on.

Coupon Code is    GEO185    and is good for 20% off either the Family Bundle or the Multi-Class Bundle

Points you might want to stress: 

  • The bundle contains 19 titles at the moment and is growing
  • Purchasing now, on sale, you automatically get all new files added to the bundle for free FOREVER!
  • The flash sale price is lower than the original price of the bundle.  The price keeps going up as we add more to it.
  • Current value of the bundle is $129.00
  • Designed for use in families with multiple ages learning together.
  • Suitable for grades K through 6 (Even mom and dad will love learning with these!)

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General Graphic Resources for the US Geography Bundle

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Earn 40% Commission as you GIVE your readers a FREE ebook!

We are trying to GIVE AWAY 100,000 copies of our How to Draw the States eBook. This free book is the top of our sales funnel and you can earn commissions by dropping your readers into this funnel!  They’ll get more information about the items in the bundle, follow up offers with upsells, etc.  All you have to do is GIVE THEM this ebook!

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All of these will link over to the sale page.  Remember to make sure YOUR affiliate ID is at the end of the URL! ♥  Here is the live sale page:

Free “How To Draw The States” eBook


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You can take a look at all the goodies we are selling.  🙂 PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE LINKS OR FILES WITH ANYONE EVER!

  1. US Geography - Crosswords Ebook
  2. US Geography - Write And Trace Ebook
  3. US Geography - State Flag Memory Game
  4. US Geography - UNO
  5. US Geography - State Flag Flash Cards
  6. US Geography - State Flag Clip Cards
  7. US Geography - States By Region Clip Cards
  8. US Geography - State Capital Clip Cards
  9. US Geography Write And Trace - CURSIVE
  10. US Geography Spell The State Name Puzzle PART 1
  11. US Geography Spell The State Name Puzzle PART 2
  12. EXTRA BONUS - US Geography Hide N Seek Puzzle Pockets State FLAG Edition
  13. US Geography Bundle - State Travel Planner and Journal



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