May 10

Wall Calendar For Large Families!


I have this calendar from Amazon and I love it for organizing my big ‘ol family!

Why am I geeking out about this calendar?

The problem: My family is large, and we all have different activities going on throughout the week.  Some schedules are easy to follow, like cross country every Friday afternoon.  No biggie.  Don’t need a calendar to remember that one.  But then my husband has physical therapy appointments that are all over the place, I have church, classes, and meetings to track, kids have trips and events and quite frankly, my mind just isn’t up to keeping it all straight anymore!

We’ve been trying to work with a standard calendar – you know the type, with the pretty pictures up top and a calendar on the bottom.  But have YOU tried to track daily comings and goings of 7 family members in those tiny squares?


Not happening.

So I went and found this beauty.

Okay – So it’s not really a wall calendar at all.  It’s a desk calendar.  The blotter type.

But folks – LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE!  And it’s still pretty!  🙂

Bonus – It has holes in the top for hanging it.  Now I don’t have two hooks to hang it from that happen to be 11.25″ apart.  But I do have some ribbon I can tuck through those holes and attach THAT to my hooks already in my wall.  No new holes!  YAY!

Here’s another look at all that beautiful space…

So pretty. There are 6 lines for every single day of the week PLUS a nice, big, fat spot at the top of each day where I can write things like birthdays and holidays, etc. Sometimes I use a highlighter to color-code stuff so my husband can see if it’s something HE needs to be available for! lol


This works better with pretty pens…

I also grabbed these things helpfully suggested by Amazon!  🙂 And I have to say – Amazon seriously knows what I need.

These lovely pens, because who doesn’t love writing on a new calendar with new lovely pens? (These colors are beautiful and they don’t bleed through. Also, I love how fine the tip is! Let’s me write LOTS!)

And these stickers!  Because – Stickers!!  🙂 I LOVE the “reschedule” ones – so handy!

So how do YOU keep up with your family? Do you have a big, centralized calendar center? Do you use it? 🙂 I was worried when I put this up that I would ignore it… But it has become the heartbeat of our household! Everyone has gotten into the habit of checking it in the evenings and mornings to keep on track.

Did I mention I LOVE this calendar? 😉


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