July 1

Free Prayer Journal


Last night, I was all tucked into bed, Jimmy – my 3 year old – snoring in one ear, my husband reading softly in the other.  I was very settled and nearly asleep myself when suddenly, I absolutely had to get up, go to my computer, and design a Prayer Journal.

I had not been thinking at all about such a thing. I wasn’t even sure what should be in a prayer journal. But I knew I had to make one. So I stayed up for about 2 hours working on it.  I didn’t really know what was going to be in it, but God did, and He designed it.  I just clicked SAVE when he was done.  🙂
Now, I know that I don’t usually post this way. But it’s on my heart to share this as far as I can in any way I have at my disposal.  I’ve already emailed the file directly to everyone on my mailing list.  🙂 So if you’re on that, you’ve got it. Just check your inbox.
However, you do not HAVE to be on my mailing list to get this.  You are certainly welcome to sign up here if you want!  But if not, just click on the link below and this free prayer journal will start downloading for you.
I sincerely hope you enjoy using it! ♥  Do please let me know if you use it!  I have no idea how God plans to use this journal, but I know He has a plan and it just might include you. ♥


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