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Color Matching Game: Butterfly Garden

The other day I was walking through some incredibly beautiful country with my kids when we spotted about a dozen or so large, yellow and black butterflies performing an air-ballet just to the side of our path. We were too awed to snap a picture, or I’d share it with you!  But when we got home, I started thinking about what resources I have on hand to learn with that includes butterflies. And I remembered THIS fun game for my 2-year-old.  I’d love to share this Color Matching Game: Butterfly Garden download with you today.   (Scroll down for a special extra message, too!)

Color Matching Game: Butterfly Garden

This game is a very simple concept, but little kids 2-4 years old love to do it. Just lay one or two game mats on the table or floor and give them the butterflies that match.  They’ll happily sort the butterflies onto the same colored flowers!  Then they’ll probably have some fun pretend playing with them.  My now 6-year-old used to have the red butterflies invite the blue butterflies over to play.  🙂 It’s lovely to see what they come up with.

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