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Home Tweet Home Printable Memory Game

There’s no place like home and this bird themed printable memory game celebrates the fun of watching birds in spring as they build their homes and families.

A Spring Delight

Every spring, the kids and I watch closely to see where the neighborhood birds are building their nests.  And every year we are delightfully surprised by some of the unique and creative places birds are willing to nest.  This year, we have a family that made their home in our attic!  We have an outdoor access panel that began to hang down a bit from the strong spring winds, and before we could get up there to close it back up, they had claimed it for their own.  I don’t blame them.  No predator can get to them there!

Home Tweet Home Printable Memory Game

I have a lovely printable memory game for you to play!  It’s totally free for subscribers (if you’re not on the list, we’ll add you in… and you’ll get even MORE goodies!) and it only requires two sheets of card stock!

Okay… Not sure why these birds are looking so …. neon. I promise they are NOT “laser lime” colored when you print them. They are a lovely, homey sort of green. 🙂


It is worth it to print this out at high quality.  I know.  You want to be frugal and save your ink.  Just trust me!  🙂  This looks really lovely printed at high quality and this is the kind of game you’ll play over and over again, right?  So it’s worth the ink!  ♥ (It’s only two pages, after all)

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ENJOY with Love and Blessings, Sandra Modersohn of www.LittleLearningLovies.com

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