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Character Curriculum For Every Home!

NOTE: This Launch Deal is sadly over.  It was awesome and we’re super sorry if you missed it. However, the curriculum is TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY of it’s regular price.  We believe in this curriculum from top to bottom and hope you’ll give it a chance even though it’s a little more expensive now.  It really is life-changing for every member of the family.  


You know how much I adore creating cute printables for you, right?  Sometimes, though, I come across another designer who has fantastic ideas that are so well executed, I just have to share about them with you!  This character curriculum is just so beautiful and well thought-out, and I don’t want you to miss the special launch pricing!

My Character Matters – Character Curriculum for Everyone

There isn’t much we will teach our children that is near as important to their life as character.  Much of this is taught by example.  We show them how to exhibit excellent character traits by living that way the best we can.  It’s just as important, however, to be intentional about this and as your children grow and learn, talking about specific character traits and working on building lifetime habits around them can make a lasting difference in their life.

[NOTE: If you are not a Christian, please keep reading!  There is too much that is awesome about this curriculum to throw it out at the mention of the bible!  There’s plenty to glean from this set of books and I’ll share more about that toward the end.]

Character Curriculum Covers 30 Traits In Depth!

My Character Matters takes you through 30 traits and asks you and your children to really think about them.  Together you will define each trait, learn how the Bible defines it, discuss it, find examples of it, see where that trait is lacking and the ill effects caused, and so much more.  Through the study of each trait, you and your children are invited to really look at your own experiences and apply these traits to your everyday life, leading you both to a fuller life!

Sound like a lot to ask of a PDF file?

I know.  But it’s ALL there for you in the student manual and the parent guide!  And when you grab this during the launch (through Friday) you’ll also get handy flash cards and a fantastic activity book (which will be $25 later all by itself!)

Another Gift For You!

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How Much Does This Character Curriculum Cost?

My Character Matters is only $12 during this launch sale!  No kidding!  You get:

  • My Character Matters Student Workbook PDF
  • My Character Matters Parent Guide Book PDF (this thing is fantastic!)
  • My Character Matters Flash Cards
  • My Character Matters Activity Book (which emails out to you a few days after purchase)

Please don’t wait.  Give this character curriculum a try today and let me know what you think!

What if I’m Not A Christian?

To use this with your children, if you do not want to study character from the Bible, you can easily just skip that part!  🙂   There is one question for each trait that asks how the Bible defines the trait.  Also, in the parent guide, there are quotes from the Bible for each trait, which are easy enough to skip right over.  The rest of the workbook and guide book are fantastic no matter your world view and I hope you give it a chance.  There is so much to be learned and improved by using this curriculum and I am confident you’ll enjoy the discussions and stories that form out of the assignments.

Get to know the curriculum:

Student Workbook:

The student workbook includes 30 character based lessons that your child can work through either along side you or independently. The repetition found throughout the study offers your students a chance to really grasp the concepts that they are learning.

Parent Guide:

The My Character Matters Parent Guide contains all of the teaching tips, guides, calendars, and answers in one spot. “My goal was to make this curriculum as easy for you to teach as it is for your children to pick up on!”

Flash Cards:

The My Character Matters Flash Cards are a great supplement to the program.  This set includes each of the elements in the workbook to really help bring home the concepts.  There is no hard and fast way to use these cards. It is totally up to you.  Use them for matching, memory, games, the list goes on and on. I suggest that you print on card stock and laminate for durability!

Activity Pack:

The My Character Matters Activity Pack will be released 8/15 and everyone who purchases the My Character Matters Student Workbook before that date will get their copy for free!

Launch Pricing

During the launch period you will receive both the My Character Matters Student Workbook and Parent Guide for the price of just the workbook! You also get the My Character Matters Flash Card set for free!

I can’t wait for you to get your copy and see what’s inside of it!  I KNOW you’re going to LOVE IT! ♥  If you do grab it, please let me know what you think of it.  We’re looking forward to using this as we begin our new school year and I have a feeling a great many people will be doing the same. ♥

How do YOU currently teach Character?

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I have been looking for something like this for my girls! My oldest two are 6 and 5 and are the ones I want to start something like this with on a regular basis. I saw it said 8+ but would this be appropriate for them or what skills do they need to demonstrate before you would recommend this curriculum?

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