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Special New Alphabet Game For You! (Get It FREE!)

I Know You LOVE Digital Curriculum!

Of course you do!  You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.  Little Learning Lovies has a blast creating new and interesting supplements to spice up your learning and we have a brand new game for you today for your little learners.


NEW Alphabet Game Your Kids Will Want To Play Over And Over

Yesterday I shared a new phonics game with you for practicing beginning sounds.  Today I have a similar game with alphabet blocks and there are several ways to play.  Take a look:

PocketHideAndSeekGames-Phonics-Uppercase Letters : A fun Alphabet Game for PreK and Kindergarten

Cute, right?

How to play:

You hide the puzzle pieces inside a few random pockets.  Then lay out all the pockets face up on a flat surface.  Kids point to whatever pocket they’d like and answer the question on the front (more on that in a minute).  If they answer correctly, they get to check that pocket for a puzzle piece.  If they find one, they add it to the puzzle.  Game is over when the puzzle is complete.

Ways To Use This Alphabet Game:

I originally designed this alphabet game so that you could have children identify the letter and say what sounds each letter makes.  But here are a few ideas for things to ask:

Have the children:

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


  • Identify (name) the letter.
  • Say all the sounds that letter can make
  • Say any word that begins with that letter
  • Say a word that ends in that letter
  • Name the letter that comes before the chosen letter
  • Name the letter that comes after the chosen letter
  • What other ideas can you think of?

You can get your copy of this alphabet game in our new shop right now.  And best of all, it’s “Name Your Own Price”!  You COULD enter “0” and pay nothing at all.   Of course, my family and I would deeply appreciate even just a dollar or two for the time we all put in together to create these games for you, but we really want this to be a blessing to your family and never want finances to get in the way of a little fun! ♥  If you enjoy playing it, please come on back and leave a review!

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Have a fantastic day and ENJOY! 

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