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SPONSORED FREEBIE – Math Fact Mastery Games and MORE ($145 value!)

I LOVE sharing BIG freebie sets with you, and our great big sponsor this time is A+ Interactive Math!  In honor of their amazing support, we’re sharing a set of fun printable games to help your children with math fact mastery. Keep reading! ♥

A+ Interactive Math has a HUGE freebie for you, too!

Before I share the downloads from Little Learning Lovies with you today, I want to encourage you to go try out, completely free, for an entire year, the A+ Interactive Math program.  The folks over at A+ have set up a special for you that allows you, with no credit card required, to set up your parent profile and one student profile for a whole year!

So what grade level are YOU teaching this year that could really use some shaking up?  A+ Interactive Math has video lessons, reviews, tests and quizzes, and it keeps track of progress and grades for you!  Did I mention you can enjoy this FREE for a whole year?

Quick re-cap: 

  • Free math program for one grade level for one full year ($125 Value!)
  • No credit card required
  • No obligation to buy anything else ever.
  • No reason NOT to try… at all.  Go!  Try it!! 

The people behind A+ Interactive Math really just want you to try this.  They are so sure you’re going to fall in love with it and use it year after year for every child in your home that they feel comfortable gifting you with this big 1 year free trial! Go ahead and give it a try.  🙂


Now I have a BUNCH of free games to give you!

Thanks to A+ Interactive Math sponsoring this post, I get to give you quite a few fun math games!  4 BIG ones worth a total of $20… Can you believe I get to give EACH ONE OF YOU $145 in freebies today???  This is AWESOME!  (I really love my job.)

Another Gift For You!

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BIG BUNDLE of FREE printable math games for PreK through 4th grade. Created by Little Learning Lovies and sponsored by A+ Interactive Math, you get to have these completely free. Just print and play right away!

Counting Hide And Seek

FREE Counting Hide And Seek Puzzle Printable game

This is one of my favorites, and my kids ALL love to play this style of game.

You create cute little envelopes or pockets and tuck the puzzle pieces in.  It doesn’t take long at all to set this up and you can use it over and over!

Your child then points to one, counts the objects on the front and if they are correct, they get to peek in the envelope to see if they found a puzzle piece.  The game is over when the puzzle is complete.

SUPER fun!


FREE Winter Size SequencingWinter Size Sequencing

This can be used a few ways.

You can have your child arrange one animal from smallest to largest or the reverse.

You can sort all of the animals by size, sort them by type, etc.

A lot of learning happens with this kind of activity!



Arctic Adventure Math Practice:ArcticAdventure_MathPractice_LLL-01 - Fun printable game for math fact mastery!

Let the kids randomize their own practice with these dice and recording sheets.  Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Practice CAN be fun!

PRO TIP:  Laminate the recording sheets and give the kids Vis-A-Vis markers.  They are WET erase, so they’ll stay until you’re done.  Then you can wipe them off and start again later.  (They don’t ghost as much as dry erase does!)

Fun, right?



FREE Multiplication Memory Game Printable for Math Fact Mastery!Multiplication Memory:

In this fun version of memory, kids must match the multiplication problem to it’s answer!  VERY challenging and fun!


Ready to download your big pack of Math Fact Mastery Games?

Of course you are.  Just go ahead and click below!  NOTE: This file is a bit on the larger side, at 47.4 MB. It might take a little while to actually download for you.  If you get a file that is smaller than this size, please re-download!   Thank you! ♥



I hope you enjoy this set and consider popping over to the A+ Interactive Math facebook page to thank them for sponsoring this freebie here at LLL!


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