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FREE Circus Day Mini Coloring Book Party Favor

Free Circus Party Favor – Coloring Book

Before I share the next installment in our Circus Themed series of fun freebies, I have some updates for you!

First, the good news:

Little Learning Lovies is getting a LONG overdue face-lift along with some under-the-hood upgrades.  This post is the first we’re sending out through our new look!  If you’re reading this in a email or feed, I encourage you to click on over and see how it all looks now.  Don’t be shy.  Do let us know what you think!

Some things we’re changing include how ads are displayed.  Most readers understand that ads help blogs like this one stay running (else we wouldn’t be able to share all these free things with you!) but WE understand that things were getting cluttered and, well… unpleasant to look at.  We’re still tweaking, but so far, we’re liking the look and invite you to let us know your thoughts on things, too.


Little Learning Lovies has recently begun working with sponsors who help us share bigger value freebies with you.  They get to share their message with you and we get to share BIG fun!  When you see a sponsored freebie, you can help LLL out by downloading it!  Then share the link to the blog post with your friends… Sponsors love that!   (You can see our latest sponsored freebie and keep an eye out for another one coming up REALLY soon!  You’ll love it!)

What’s Up With Those Subscriber Freebies?

Well, some of you have noticed and some of you haven’t… There’s a glitch right now that we’re working really hard to get fixed as fast as we can.  Currently, if you try to get a subscriber freebie, you’ll see the link, but only get a blank screen when you click!  That’s no fun!!  🙁  And we’re really sorry that’s happening.  We’re working hard to fix it and we’ll update you as soon as it IS fixed.  All new files released will not require an email address until we can get this all sorted out.

Free Circus Party Favor - Printable Mini Coloring Book

Ready for your FREE Circus Party Favor Coloring Book?

If you’re going to throw a Circus Themed Party, you’re going to want to have a fun party favor, right?  This one is a printable coloring book!  Just print double sided, cut down the middle long ways, fold in half and staple.  In just a few sheets of paper you have a really fun gift to give your guests.  And it matches the other circus themed printables we’ve shared.

Another Gift For You!

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Click that link above to get your FREE Circus Party Favor Coloring Book (pdf)! ♥

If you enjoy this download, let us know in the comments!  And do please share the link to this post with your friends.  They’ll love it too! ♥

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