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Circus Themed Cootie Catcher – FREE

Recently, we shared a FREE Circus Bingo set with you, featuring fun, nostalgic circus art.  When we made these, we were thinking how fun it would be to have a circus themed party, either for a birthday or just to have a get-together.  It might be a really fun way to kick out the winter doldrums, too!

Circus Themed Cootie Catcher

To help you make the party extra fun, we thought you might like to print and fold these fun Cootie Catchers!  This could be a craft during your party, or you could make them ahead of time and use them as a gift for each attendee.

This cootie catcher features 4 interesting facts about things related to the circus and 4 funny circus jokes.  Kids will have fun playing with this over and over again.  We featured the same nostalgic circus graphics to make for a lovely addition to your themed party!

Circus Themed Cootie Catcher - Free! Perfect addition to your circus party. You can use this as a craft during your party or you can make them ahead of time and use them as a party favor. Have fun!

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How To Fold A Cootie Catcher

Here are some quick instructions for folding a cootie catcher.  We recommend you print this on heavy card stock.  And friends, this file is truly worth printing in at least normal quality instead of ink-saver.  🙂  It will look AMAZING if you choose high quality!  Give it a try and let me know how you like it! ♥

How to fold a cootie catcher, step by step illustrations.

I hope you have a LOT of fun playing with this Circus Themed Cootie Catcher.  And why wait for a party to enjoy it?  Go ahead and make this to play on your way to a circus this year.  Or maybe put on your OWN circus at home using stuffed animals and materials you have around the house.  You’d be amazed at what your kids can come up with once they get an idea in their heads 😉

Another Gift For You!

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How will YOU use this fun Circus Themed Cootie Catcher?

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