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Wrap Up? We’re Just Getting Started! + New Coupon Code For EVERYONE! #FiverrHustle

NEW COUPON CODE FOR CURRENT FIVERR CUSTOMERS!!!!  Make sure you read through to the end! ♥  HURRY!


I have to say, when Fiverr asked us to compete as one of the Lifestyle Bloggers in the big “Side Hustle Challenge” I was interested, but didn’t really expect to get much from it.  I thought, sure!  This could be fun.  I’ll set something up to enjoy working on through the challenge and then probably walk away from it.

That’s what I thought when I started.


Now, the challenge is over for me.  But folks, LLL is just getting started on Fiverr!

Our first gig was a HUGE success (and if you’re new to Fiverr, you can still get it for FREE… JUST through the end of December, so hurry!) and our second gig, which just launched a few weeks ago, hasn’t even been shared much and has brought in some amazing new clients with some incredible creativity.

This is FUN, folks!

What I LOVE about Fiverr:

Another Gift For You!

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  • If you can deliver it digitally, you can sell it quick and fun on Fiverr.
  • If you can make it and ship it, you can sell it on Fiverr!
  • If you have kids, that’s fine.  Fiverr doesn’t care if you work at 2 in the morning, or during nap time only.
  • There is a GREAT community built up there, ready to help you succeed!
  • The tools for customer service are perfect.  They make it SUPER easy to keep everyone happy.
  • The potential for your product/business is HUGE.

There are a few features I wish the platform had, but from what I understand, they are working on anything I could think of.  I expect 2016 to be a great year for Fiverr.  And for LLL on Fiverr! ♥


New to Fiverr and want to try one of our products for free?  Click one of the links below (on a computer is best!) and use coupon code LEARNINGLOVIES2015

NOT new to Fiverr?  I have a code for you too!  Try “FIVERRHUSTLE” and see if that gets you a free gig! ♥

Our Gigs On Fiverr Right Now:

See you on Fiverr! 


Little Learning Lovies was asked to join the Fiverr Side Hustle Challenge.  We were compensated for our time and paid for any gigs sold during the challenge.  All posts, however, are a reflection of LLL’s work and opinions.  Fiverr really is far more awesome than anything I originally imagined and I hope you’ll either go see what you can buy or create a free sellers account and make your own gig!  If you have a gig on Fiverr or create one after reading this post, please let me know in the comments where I can see it!  I’d love to check it out. ♥

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