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$50 Free Clothes & Free Shipping is BACK!

A while ago, I told you about this deal over at Schoola.com.  I was brand new to the company and had no idea what kind of quality the clothes were.  Well, I’ve had the chance to enjoy wearing some AMAZING pieces and I can tell you that with everything we’ve ordered from them, there isn’t a single piece that didn’t look new or nearly new!

Schoola.com sells used clothes.  They are very honest about the condition of the clothes and if they say it’s “good” that seems to actually mean it’s AWESOME (like new!).  They have thousands of pieces to choose from and if you’re a new customer, you can get $50 worth of clothes from them completely free!

What can you get with $50 at Schoola?

With the way their prices are, you COULD get up to 16 pieces!  Need something for you?  Your kids?  This is a great way to add to your wardrobe.

Here’s how…

 **NOTE: I have no idea when the coupon code will expire, so do this ASAP!  I’ll update this post if the coupon does expire.**


Step 1:

To make this work, you need to click my referral link.  Doing that allows me to give you a $15 credit there.  So here’s the link:

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)



(If you choose to not use my link, you’ll end up with only $35 to spend, instead of $50!)

Once you’re on the site through the link above, click “Join/Sign In” from the menu and create an account.  You now have $15 credit that will show up in your cart later!

Step 2:

Make sure you’re on a Desktop computer for this.  It may not work otherwise.

Click “Collections” in the menu and create a new collection.  You can put whatever you want in it.  Once you’ve created it, you’ll have a new $10 credit. (This may not show up until you’re checking your cart out… Don’t worry… it’s there!)

Yay!  You’re up to $25 credit!

Step 3:

Put $50 worth of clothing in your cart.  (This is the fun part… and kind of hard!  I picked out 8 pieces for this!)  You can put more in, if you want.

Enter coupon code FALLINGPRICES and your purchase price will be cut in half!  PLUS… Anything over $25 ships free!    Congratulations.  You just bought $50 worth of clothing for free!

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