July 6

Summer Reading Log For the Boys In Your Life


I tend to make girly things.  I suppose I can be forgiven for that, since I’m surrounded by 4 sweet little girls who are pretty girly most of the time.  Lately, though, I’ve been enjoying creating some more boy-ish things.  (I wonder why! 😉 ) My girls, as girly as they are, seem to be loving the new direction.

Summer Reading Log – Things That Go Theme

I really love the way this set turned out!  Not only is there a fun-to-fill-in Summer Reading Log book (which you can make as big or little as you need… instructions included) but it also comes with a cute way to pick an activity to do for each book.

Summer Reading Log For Boys in a cute "Things That Go" theme.  Darker colors and vehicle theme makes the boys happy.  Girls love it, too!  Comes with a fun "Cootie Catcher" turned into an Assignment Picker pre-programmed with eight different writing prompts for fiction books.

Cootie Catchers are so much fun to do!  And you can play this one on your own or with a partner.  Either way, it will give you one of eight writing prompts to help you think about the fictional book you just read and write a few sentences or a paragraph about it.

The log book, as it’s presented in the file, gives you space to log in and write about 9 different books.  But you can quickly and easily expand that number by printing more sheets as you make the book!

A fun thing to do as your kiddos read and write in the log book is to use a rubber stamp (anything will do, but something like THIS would be fun!) to stamp on the page as you check over their work to show you’ve seen it and approve. ♥


How to fold the Assignment Picker (Cootie Catcher!)

Take a look at this quick tutorial on How To Fold A Cootie Catcher.  Just print out the one included in the set and fold so that the printed part stays to the outside!


Ready to get yours?

I’m making this one free!  🙂

I have more themes coming for you soon that will be available in the store.  But if you have anyone who loves these vintage looking things that go, then you’re all set!

*NOTE: This set is probably best for a child in 2nd through 4th or 5th grade*

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