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Bless The Pancakes!

Note: I published this story a couple of years ago.  The 2 year old mentioned below is now 4 and a half.  But when I re-read it today, it sure did make me smile and I hope it will make you smile, too.  There’s a lot we can learn from our kids about accepting the blessings we’re given, don’t you think?  🙂

Enjoy! ♥


I don’t often share family stories here, but I think I just might start.  You’ll get a fun look at our family through our antics and that’s one of the best things about blogging.  So here’s today’s funny kid story.


I was cooking breakfast and my 2 year old didn’t know what I was making.  “Pick me up, please!” she pleaded with upstretched arms.  “Of course!” I replied with a big smile.  I love when she comes to chat with me in the kitchen.

She looked at the stove and saw the pot of berry syrup I had simmering there.  “Oooh!  Yum!” she exclaimed. “I loooove that!”  Then she looked on the other side of the stove.

Another Gift For You!

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She gasped.

“Pancakes?!  I LOVE Pancakes!” and with that, she wriggled herself out of my arms and jumped to the floor.

Once there, she threw her cute little arms up into the air and yelled as loud as she could “Bless the pancakes!”

She began to dance around the kitchen, twirling as she went, curly hair swirling all around her joyful face.  All the while she continued her little prayer “Bless the Pancakes!!”

And so, we sat together as a family, eating our blessed pancakes, feeling very blessed, indeed.  Smile

And now I kind of want to make pancakes every single blessed morning… 

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