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3 Ways You Can Save Money TODAY

There are so many opportunities for homeschooling families to get involved with things.  But let’s face it: All those activities (and the fuel we use up to get there!) sure can take a toll on our pocket books and bank accounts.  Today we’re going to explore 3 easy ways we, as homeschoolers, can save some money so we can enjoy more of those activities we want to get to!


PDFs Are A Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Particularly if you have more than one child, I highly recommend buying PDFs of workbooks wherever you can.  They usually cost less than their printed counterparts and, best of all, you can print off what you need as you need it, instead of storing oodles of books everywhere.  Just make sure you back up your PDFs in several places just in case your computer loses a hard drive (go ahead… ask me how I know this is important!)

As an example, we use Story Of The World here for history.  (My kids LOVE it, by the way, and if you are looking for an excellent history program, this one is certainly one I suggest you check out!).  We buy the hard or softcover text book for each year (1 through 4) and then we buy the PDF student pages.

I print off three copies for the big girls and sometimes even another copy for the little girl who wants to join in too.  We keep everything in a 3 ring binder for the year or display things up on the walls.  It works very well and instead of spending $10 per child on workbooks, I spend about $8 per year on the PDF and I know I’ll have it when my littler kiddos are ready.    For just our History curriculum, this tip saves us about $32 per year.

So as you buy curriculum for your children, look into PDF versions of workbooks.  This is a great tip for games and other activities, too, like the ones you find here at LLL.  Once you have the PDF, you can make as many copies of the activity as you need for your family.  And if the kids break it or lose pieces, just print off more! ♥

Okay… so this savings tip isn’t really a way to save TODAY unless you’re curriculum shopping right now.  (Are we ever NOT looking at curriculum?)  But this next one you can do RIGHT NOW.

Another Gift For You!

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Over-full Schedules Spell Disaster for You And Your Wallet

If kids are always going and doing, they are never really processing what they went and did.

Take a look at your schedule right now.  Do you have something planned out of the house nearly every day of the week?  I know a lot of homeschoolers that rarely actually stay home.  Here’s the thing: All that running around not only costs a lot of money, it costs a lot of precious “do-nothing” time that kids NEED.  Did you know that kids really do need quite a lot of down time?  It’s their chance to just breath and think and mull over things.  If kids are always going and doing, they are never really processing what they went and did.

Use this moment right now to pare down your outings if you can, if you have 5 or more days scheduled out of the house.  Find a day that you can JUST BE HOME.  If your kids aren’t used to entertaining themselves at home, find some fun, free activities to do at home.  Make some memories in your own living room or backyard.

Most important, find time where your kids can just be.  It’s an important skill to learn to be still and listen to yourself.  Learn about yourself.  Love yourself.  You can’t discover that little whispering voice inside if you’re always on the move.  ♥


Learn To Make Something From Scratch

I know you have an oven.  You probably have mixing bowls and basic kitchen tools.  And hopefully you have basic pantry supplies on hand.  If you do, you can probably whip up something from scratch.  Not only is it cheaper, usually, than store or restaurant purchased foods, but you and your kids will make a wonderful kitchen memory by learning a new skill together.

Never baked bread before?  Try it!  It’s not all that hard, and the result is delicious!  Ever make home-made pizza from scratch?  That’s not too hard either (easier even than bread!) or what about a pie?  Oh how tasty that would be.  And you’ve heard the expression “Easy As Pie” right?  Well, how do you know how easy that is, exactly, if you’ve never made a pie?

What else can you make from scratch?  Let me know in the comments!

More Savings Ideas…

Leesha, from Living Contently, has given me permission to share her money saving post with you.  She has 5 more great ways to really start saving some money and I hope you pop over there to check her ideas out.

These are 5 more things you can do this weekend and all week long to add up the savings!

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