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New Learning Game Style That’s OH SO FUN!

One morning, I was brushing my teeth… (hang in there.. this story gets better!)  and as I stood there, an idea for a new style of game came into my head. I finished up at the sink and went straight to my computer.  Within about an hour, I had created the first of several really fun new games and I want to introduce you to them formally today!

Who Doesn’t Love A Pocket?

My youngest has been a great counter for quite a while, and she recognizes the numerals and can name them.  But putting those two concepts together has proven a bit trickier.  This first new game was created with this concept in mind.  (It was just before Easter when I made this, but you can use this ALL spring long!  If you want, you can even just cut circles out of colored construction paper to replace the Easter-looking eggs in the file!)


This game is so fun for little ones!  Eggs In A Nest Counting Game asks children to look at the numeral on the nest and fill the nest ‘pouch’ with that number of eggs!  You’ll probably find that a lot more than just counting happens as they do this.  My three year old sat there making up all kinds of stories about each egg, each nest, where the mommas had gone off to and what they’d need to store up to feed those chicks when they hatched.  It has been quite fun listening to her as she learns with these eggs.

I’ll admit.

This game is a little bit on the girly side and some boys might balk at the idea of playing mother hen.  (Please forgive me!  I’m surrounded by girls here!)

So after a chat with my DARLING sister, who has a passel of boys, we came up with THIS idea:


Just like our egg game, Pirates In A Ship has children putting the correct number of pirates into each ship.  Now…. my 3 year old hasn’t played this one yet, but I can imagine that she’ll have quite a lot of stories to tell of adventures on the high seas as she places each character into his proper ship.

Tips For Use:

  • Let your child watch you put it together.
    I can’t tell you how excited kids get when they watch you assembling a game for them.  I find that this actually gives them a much better sense of how their world works and it makes them much more careful with your games because they experienced putting it together with you.  It’s some great bonding time!  If they are big enough, you can have them help a little.  For these, I folded them all up and put the glue on and had my 3 year old push the tabs down and count to ten.  🙂  Extra learning fun!
  • Give a FEW at a time:
    Please don’t give your baby all 20 of these and a giant pile of pieces to stick in them.  It’s just too overwhelming.  Start with 2 of them.  Demonstrate by pointing to the numeral and saying it out loud.  “Look!  This ship has a 4 on it.  I know how many 4 is.  Let’s count them out together.”  Then say each count as you tuck a piece into the pouch.  Your child is now ready to play with 2 or 3 of them on their own.  As they become more adept at the game, you can increase the number of pouches they work with.
  • Don’t Rush!
    Sit back and watch.  Try not to interfere.  Don’t worry if they don’t put the right number of pieces into a pouch the first time.  Let them explore the materials and make their own games from them.  You can later gently redirect them and see if they can count out the correct number of pieces, but much of the learning will come from their own minds and their own creative expressions.  And remember!  If they are counting when they are 2 or not until they are 5, they’ll certainly know how to count 20 years from now.  Please don’t push them too hard, too soon.  🙂  Enjoy the moments and enjoy the silliness that comes with being a kid!  ♥


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