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Spring Activities

3 Spring Activities for Your Little Ones

Spring is finally here and it’s time for spring activities! We can head outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine, or play a May Flowers game.  It’s also the perfect time to introduce our little ones to spring.

Have you ever noticed though that toddlers and preschoolers have no concept of time or seasons? My daughter asked me the day after Christmas, if it was summer. That’s because preschoolers and toddlers need to be taught about the seasons before they understand spring leads into summer, which leads into autumn, which leads into winter, which brings us back to spring.

3 spring activities to teach your little ones all about spring

3 Fun Spring Activities

1. Take a walk and look for budding leaves.

Head out the door with your toddlers and preschoolers and see how many bushes and trees you can find with budding leaves. Often you can see plants pushing up through the dirt as well. Little children love to examine baby plants.

It’s also the perfect time to explain the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous plants. Point out that the evergreen trees kept their pine needles all season, but the deciduous trees lost their leaves in the fall. Do your children remember jumping in the leaves? Point out the weather is warming up so the tree sap is stirring again. The leaves are beginning to bud. They’ll turn green for the summer before falling again in autumn.

2. Go to a park and search for birds’ nests

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Talk about birds’ eggs, hatching, and baby birds. Listen for the birds calling to each other. Look for them flying through the park. See if you can find birds’ nests in the trees but don’t disturb the nests. Explain that birds make nests in the spring to keep their eggs safe. The eggs hatch into baby birds who grow into adult birds.

How many nests can you find? Did you know that different types of birds make different nests? Take a bird book along and see if you can identify the birds and nests with your children.

3. Plant flowers

Planting flowers is another fun spring activitiy. Go to the store and pick out a type of flower to plant, some potting soil, and small disposable cups. Put soil in the cups, sprinkle seeds on the soil (follow the directions on the package), water the plant, and help your child wait.

After a few days, you should see little green shoots starting to appear. Once the plants are larger, you can repot them or plant them in the flower garden. Help your child name the different parts of the plant: the stem, leaves, and flower. You can also explain how butterflies and bees love to eat the nectar produced by flowers. Bees even turn the nectar into honey!

With these spring activities we can point signs of spring out to our children and teach them about the changing seasons and the passing of time.

Spring Activities

What is your favorite spring activity with your little ones?

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