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{2015 – HMS} Door Prize From Me To You

Well, I kind of feel bad that today wasn’t as much fun as the other days so far. Mostly that’s because I was not home to be fun for you!  But I’ll be snowed in tomorrow and ready to blast you with TONS of stuff…

So I want to make it up to you by sharing this game with you for free.

This has actually been a best seller in the store and I hope you really enjoy it.  I chose it because we love to use it for Family Game Night.  You can use it for schooling because it’s a great math game, but it makes for some serious fun for the whole family.  The little 3 or 4 year old can play it and win, and the adults can lay in some strategy.  My husband and I get a bit competitive over this.   And all the kids in the middle… Well, they love it!


So I hope you enjoy this!

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Another Gift For You!

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(I’ll leave this one up for the duration of the celebration, so please feel free to share about it with your friends!)

**NOTE: This file is about 23.8MB and it might take a while to download.  If you have trouble, try closing all other browser tabs/windows first, then click the link to download it and make sure you don’t click anything else until the download is complete…


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