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{2015 – HMS} Something Pretty Just For Momma

You spend so much of your time being there and doing for your family that very little time gets spent on you, Momma.  I know. I’m a momma too!  You do what they need first and, if there’s a moment left over, you might allow yourself that time to do something, some little thing, for yourself.

What About YOU Momma?

Well, when I was setting up this Soirée, I thought about the things that make ME feel good during the day.  The things that make me feel pretty and pampered.  And one of those things is to actually WEAR a pretty piece of jewelry or two.  Earring especially make me feel nicer than average.

But, Momma, there’s another issue.  I’m not very likely to actually spend money on nice things for myself, are you?  If there’s something extra in the budget, it’s likely going to the kids or the house.  Which is fine!  I don’t mind.  But what if I told you that a really pretty pair of earrings or even a necklace and earring set from Five Dollar Divine costs just $5?



Yes.. that necklace comes with matching earrings and isn’t it so pretty?  $5 for that!

My favorite, as I mentioned, is earrings.  Look:



My sister, Jessica, runs Five Dollar Divine and she has put together a really great deal for us.

Another Gift For You!

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Exclusive Jewelry JUST for the HMS Party! ♥

First, she has put together an exclusive album of her current stock of beautiful $5 jewelry that we get to shop from (it’s okay if you buy those earrings… Really… I won’t be hurt.  Much! ♥).  She’s going to add more to it for us each day, including some great selections from the Starlet Shimmer line, which is just for kids under 8!  So I’ll be reminding you each day of the Soirée to pop by and take a look.

Aaaaaaaaand…..  A Giveaway!

Secondly, and probably coolest of all, Jessica wants to bless one of you with your choice of any 5 pieces from that album!

Yeah.  Not kidding.  🙂  She’s going to give you $25 worth of jewelry for free…

I have ordered from her more times than I can count now and every time that package shows up, I immediately tear into it and put something fun on.  The kids get excited right along with me.  There’s something wonderful about the feeling of a new pair of earrings, and even better is knowing I didn’t spend a ton on it!  I feel pampered without a bit of “Mommy Guilt”.  I want you to have that too, Momma! ♥

Ready for the giveaway?

I thought you might be!

SPECIAL NOTE: One of the big things we ask you to do in the giveaway is to go look at the special album Jessica set up for us and comment on the pieces you’d pick if you win.  EVEN BETTER: Comment “Sold” to buy it right on the spot! Jessica will keep track and at the end of the Soirée, she’ll send you an invoice for your picks.  If you’re the winner, of course, you’ll get them free.  If not, you STILL score beautiful pretty things for the best price around.  ♥

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Ashley says 5 years ago

Lovely jewelry! Such a wonderful price!

Shari says 5 years ago

The jewelry is lovely! I have not bought jewelry for myself in years because we are on a strict budget. I used to make jewelry but I have not had the time or money to do it in the last few years. I don’t buy things for myself unless it is to replace something worn out, like shoes– still wearing maternity clothes going on 8 years! I would consider buying some of this jewelry though because it is inexpensive and looks well-made. Thanks for this wonderful celebration! 🙂

DeeDee says 5 years ago

I haven’t used $5 Divine before but it really is beautiful.

Carrie says 5 years ago

I am loving this particular giveaway. All too often I put myself last or it just cost too much to pamper myself.

    Sandra Modersohn says 5 years ago

    I have a huge problem with spending money on something that’s just for me. In fact, even when my husband asks me what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas, I usually can’t even think of something that is actually JUST for me… It’s usually something for the family or the house or… well, I’m sure you understand what I mean. But these are so pretty and so inexpensive (but not cheaply made!) that it’s much easier to say yes.

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