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{2015 – HMS} Feel Your Best… Be Your Best! (A Giveaway)

Have you ever made a real, true friend completely online?   It started out so simply… Amanda was a customer first.  Then she became just about the biggest fan ever of Little Learning Lovies, sharing and cheering me on.  And then, somehow, we got to chatting about our lives, our families, our troubles, our triumphs.  We started telling each other our plans and then jumping online to tell each other when we succeeded (or failed miserably!) and somehow, through this amazing thing called the internet, she and I became friends (and we even got to meet in real life!)

Well, when I asked Amanda if she wanted to join in the Soirée as a contributor, she immediately said YES!  She was involved last year with her Thirty-One business and I just knew that she’d join in with her new POSH business.

What’s So Posh About POSH?

Honestly, I didn’t get it.  It’s hand lotion and stuff, right?  What could be so amazing about this that would get her that involved?  I kind of thought maybe she was going just a wee bit crazy (sorry, Amanda!) and then, just a few days ago, a little package arrived from her.  It was full of little samples for me to try.

Never, I said.  I’m not going to get sucked into this!  (She’d already totally sold me on Tupperware… and I was feeling like I was on to her game) Not THIS time, Amanda darling!

But then, I HAD been having trouble with my hands and elbows.  My hands were the worst.  Everything I tried on my knuckles just wasn’t helping.  They were dry, rough and starting to crack.

So I thought… it couldn’t HURT to just TRY one of these things.

I grabbed the most likely looking sample.  It had a weird name, but they all do.  This one was less weird than the others.  “Hey, Honey something-or-other”.

Another Gift For You!

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And Down I Went…

I took just a tiny dab on my pointer finger and swiped it across my knuckles.

Oh my!  It smelled so nice… Almost lemon-ish, but not quite.  It wasn’t oily but I could tell right away that it was doing something really amazing to my very dry skin.

I swiped just a dab more for my other hand and went to bed.

In the morning, my hands felt great!  I couldn’t believe it!

I didn’t NEED to put on more…

But I did!

And then I messaged Amanda, yelling at her just a bit for getting me hooked on yet another amazing product.

I’ve been trying the different samples each day since and I haven’t been disappointed with a single one (though I haven’t gotten through them all yet… she was quite generous with the variety!)

The names are odd.. but the products are awesome!

And I’m REALLY excited that I get to host a giveaway for you ladies to try it yourself, if you haven’t already.  11004883_10152570434231890_1550840681_n

Darling Amanda is going to GIVE one of you ladies that wonderful set pictured above! Lots of easy entries including a daily entry option for more chances to win! ♥


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Devin Fredrickson says 4 years ago

I won!!! Very excited to try it all! Working out in the yard today – spring is coming, and digging in the dirt dries my skin out so much. Big Thanks to Amanda for donating the prize!!!

lraines78 says 4 years ago

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Devin Fredrickson says 4 years ago

My friend swears by this stuff. My problem is that I can’t handle strong scents – they make my allergies go crazy.

susanna says 4 years ago

Iv always wanted to try this but do not know anyone local who sells it. 🙂

Amanda says 4 years ago

I love that you were trying to resist…your description makes me want to try and I have never heard of the product.

    Sandra Modersohn says 4 years ago

    lol Well, every word of it is true… And if you contact her through her Facebook group, she’ll probably be willing to send YOU some samples too, because you will be amazed by them. 🙂

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