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{2015-HMS} Introducing HomeschoolTree!

Buying And Selling Used Curriculum Just Got Fun!

There’s a new service that I want to introduce to you that’s being put together by a really sweet husband and wife team.

The Problem…

Jessica Burton was frustrated by just how hard it really is to find and trade/buy/sell used curriculum online for homeschoolers.  Services that she tried were clunky, difficult to search and once she did find what she wanted, it was usually already sold.  She knew there could be something better if only someone would take the time to think it through and build it.

Fortunately for her (and for us!) her husband loves to do just that sort of thing!


The Solution…

Together, the Burtons have build a new website called HomeschoolTree where you can easily buy and sell used curriculum.

This service is currently still in BETA which means they are still testing it out and there might be some bugs.  But the good news is that they are EXTREMELY responsive when you bring an issue to their attention… As in, you get an email back from them, usually tellling you they fixed it, within minutes to hours.  They are very committed to making this new site the best service it can be and I have to say, they took care of all the annoying issues of other sites.

Searching is super easy and very customizable.  You can browse everything, or you can search by publisher, grade, subject and/or condition.  And once an item is sold… 🙂  you won’t be bothered with the listing any more, so you won’t get your hopes dashed over and over.

Another Gift For You!

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They make it easy to list items for sale, too.  And if you have any problems along the way, they are just an email away.

Jessica told me that it was okay to let you know about this now, even though it’s in BETA still.  They are ready to seriously test the system with about 1000 users and they still have some room left.

If you are looking for an easy, intuitive, safe, pleasant way to find and sell used curriculum, please consider helping the Burtons out by becoming BETA members.

I’d post a giveaway here, but this service is currently totally free!  So… maybe we can count it as a door prize! 😉


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Round Up Of Giveaways - Over - Little Learning Lovies says 4 years ago

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Terran says 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this! Hubby and I were beginning to figure out curricula for next year and were getting frustrated because ebay didn’t have what we want to use!

Judith says 4 years ago

I love this! I have such a hard time finding a place to sell my used curriculum.

Jessica B says 4 years ago

Wow, that is a really awesome service. I think I know where I will be spending much of my online time this Spring…

    Jessica @ HomeschoolTree says 4 years ago

    Jessica B,

    We are glad that you are excited about our service. Hope it helps you out in your homeschooling journey!

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