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Phonics Funnies - A fun way to practice beginning letter sounds.

Phonics Funnies – Silly Phonics Practice (Vol. 1)

I’m so excited to share with you this new, very fun product at the LLL store!  Phonics Funnies are a really interesting way to practice the beginning sounds of words while giggling your way through the activities.

Practice phonics in a really funny way with Phonics Funnies!

Practice Phonics with new Phonics Funnies – Mystery Answer Puzzles

This first set we’ve just released has 5 Mystery Answer puzzles.  Each one asks a question and to find the answer (the punchline to the joke) children need to write in the letter each picture begins with.

For my 4 year old, we did this as a team.  Her big sister helped guide her through the activity, helping her figure out the letters, and helping her write the ones she wasn’t sure of.  Then Big Sister read the answer for her and they both had a BIG laugh!

Phonics Funnies - A fun way to practice beginning letter sounds.

Special Price During Release Week!

I love giving you all free or really cheap stuff to enjoy with your kids.  For the next week only, this 5 puzzle set is on sale.  No coupon code required!  Just CLICK OVER and grab it before the sale is over! ♥



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