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What Subjects Do You Teach?

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Little Learning Lovies is wondering… What Subjects Do You Teach in your homeschool?


Why do we want to know?

Well… We have been asked to make tags like our Workbox Tags only instead of numbers, this request is for subjects.  Since there are so many different approaches to homeschooling, I thought it might be fun to find out from YOU how you classify your subjects!

So, would you please tell me, in the comments, which subjects you cover in a typical week (or month)?

To make this even more fun, I’ll be picking a random winner from the commenters who will WIN our first set of subject tags for free! ♥  I’ll pick a winner on February 16th and let you know shortly after that 🙂

Thanks so much for your help! ♥

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Ayrielle says 5 years ago

My son is 2nd grade and we do: Bible, Science, History, Language Arts, Spelling, Math, Literature, Art, Music, and Free Reading. We also do PE/Health but that is more life than taught, per say.

Nicola says 5 years ago

My daughter does e-schooling and does Latin with school there, which I supplement with a health, Recorder practice, learning to read music, Music History, Art History, practical arts, practical sciences, typing, citizenship, and meditation/reiki (great for kids with ADHD!) She attends a Drama class at the community center, and Girl Scouts.

My son is 4 and is autistic, so he has a tutor who does ABA for Weather, Calendar, Math, Literacy, handwriting, and art, but I supplement with additional math, OT activities, science, history (he loves museum stuff), cooking, life skills (learning to clean, get dressed, hygiene, pet care, etc).

We do family PE, and are learning French and ASL together, and do technology as well.

I think the biggest thing we do that most families don’t is Safety. We are currently working on both fire safety and stranger danger/self defense.

I do not teach religion to my kids at all. I am sure this will seem controversial to a lot of your subscribers, but I am not Christian and rather than push my own beliefs onto my kids, I prefer to teach them to make their own choices and to think for themselves. My daughter attends Catholic church with my Aunt regularly but where we live is mostly Muslim, Baptist, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Holly G says 5 years ago

History, Science, English, Math, Literature, Latin, Arts/Music appreciation, and cursive (handwriting).
4 children ages 11-6 years.

Teresa says 5 years ago

We do PE, Bible, Grammar, Spelling, Math, Computer/Typing, Foreign Language, History(US and World), Geography, Science, Art, Nature Study, & I also include Badgework (for American Heritage Girls). I also include 1 or 2 fun activities and snack after they’ve completed x number of assignments. Those are our break boxes and the kids really look forward to them. My SIL also has co-op work.

Jill S says 5 years ago

We’re required to teach certain things by law, math, english, health, I’m sure there’s more. We do unit studies instead of workbooks, and make them up ourselves, so it’s kind of a hit and miss thing.

heather says 5 years ago

I have a Middle schooler doing Bible, Language arts, Math, Zoology (science), World geography, Health, & Reading.
Also have Lower elementary going at a much more relaxed pace with a little of everything going on.. Math, Language arts, Science and Bible done daily though

Missy Ingram says 5 years ago

4th grade Shurley English, Saxon math, Apologia Botany Science, BJU History, Spelling Power, currently reading Mythology, Bible “Digging in Luke”, Creative writing Writers Express.

Mother4Jesus says 5 years ago

Bible, Bible Memory, Reading/Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Math, Science and History. Also a Geography might be helpful.
Thank you!! I love your tags.

Carla says 5 years ago

Hi! I have a 3 years old boy and we are learning about literacy, the math, arts and a bit of science. In a very simple and basic way, of course.

Amanda says 5 years ago

Oops, I don’t think my post went through… We do Bible, Math, Chinese, Korean, English Reading, English Writing, Art, Chinese Minority Dancing, Cinematography (Includes Costume Design and Choreography), Typing, Genius Hour, Home Economics, Science.

Amada says 5 years ago

Our typical week has Two foreign languages: Chinese and Korean (reading writing and spoken) English writing, English Reading, Math, Science, Art, Music, Genius Hour, Baking, Chinese Minority Dancing, Typing… We also have Cinematography class that includes Costume design and Choreography every other week with our homeschool group, as well as Library class on the off weeks. (I include Library as a class because our Librarian often gives assignments to the kids that they can complete using their library books.)

Amy says 5 years ago

On a weekly basis we cover: Math, Grammar, Handwriting, Geography, History, Science, Art, Music, Reading, Spelling.

ashlynpeavy says 5 years ago

Reading/Phonics, Spelling, Math, Grammar/Comp., Social Studies, Science, Bible, Technology (typing), and art.

Andrea says 5 years ago

Bible, phonics/reading, history, spelling, math, handwriting

cumberledgeterry says 5 years ago

Well, with my high schooler we do Bible, math, science, foreign language, history, and language arts. My littles do Bible, math, reading, spelling, and history.

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