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Homeschooling with a Newborn. Tips from the trenches! at Little Learning Lovies

Homeschooling with a Newborn

Homeschooling With A Newborn…

I knew that homeschooling my two older children, ages 8 and 11, this year was going to be a bit of a challenge. Their baby sister was born towards the end of August, and for the first month, I gave the older kids a few worksheets and writing assignments. However, for the most part, I took the month of September off. I wanted to get settled into some sort of routine with the baby and adjust to having a newborn in our house. Some of my homeschooling friends gave me advice like how I should wear my baby while I do schoolwork and all that. However, what works for one mom doesn’t always work for another.

Homeschooling... With A Newborn.  Tips from Little Learning Lovies

My baby, as it turns out, is not a big fan of her wrap or infant carrier. She also is not a big fan of sleeping apparently either. With a husband that travels for weeks at a time for work, this seemed like a recipe for disaster. I was always exhausted, and none of us could get a good routine going. I began to feel like a homeschooling failure and even questioned whether I really could homeschool with a newborn in tow.

The first thing I did was sat down and made a schedule.

If I had a rough night with the baby, I had to make sure that it wasn’t going to transfer to a lost day of school with me being slow and not with it. I had on the schedule what the kids should be doing in the morning when they got up, and they were all tasks they could complete even if I was half asleep in a chair with a baby after being up all night. They were to have their cereal, make their beds, do the dishes, and brush their teeth. If they got that done, they should check to see if they had enrichment activities to do. Generally, I would print out some worksheets before I went to bed. If they got those done, they were supposed to read.

This worked well. The kids had specific instructions which prevented them from just going off to play when they could be getting schoolwork done. By throwing in chores in the morning, it freed up time in the later part of the day that I could use to work with them on some of their school subjects.

When Baby Doesn’t Like To Be In Her Wrap…

While the baby did not want to sleep and did not take to being in her wrap or front carrier, I found that she really liked her swing, and she also liked her bouncer. I kept the bouncer in the dining room and the swing near the desk. I split the kids up usually and had one at the desk and the other at the dining room table. I would work with each child individually on certain subjects and moved the baby to different stations. I put a comfy chair for nursing in the dining room, so that I could sit there, nurse her, and still answer questions. It was a little stressful at first, but we finally were making progress.

Now that the baby is four months old, we have a bit better routine. The kids still get up, have breakfast, and do morning chores. However, the baby has started some nap time routines. She takes a short nap in the late morning in her swing and a long nap in the afternoon in her crib. I let the kids play now in the morning after they get their chores done and use the baby’s morning nap to check emails, print worksheets, and prepare for the school day. In the afternoon, we get the bulk of the schoolwork done while she naps. If she wakes early, I nurse her, and she entertains herself more now with her activity center or is usually just content to sit on my lap.

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Homeschooling with a Newborn.  Tips from the trenches!  at Little Learning Lovies

It hasn’t been easy to homeschool this year with a newborn in tow. However, this stage is just such a short time, and we waited a long time to have her. The kids knew it would be an adjustment, so we are all working together to make it work. It takes a little more effort, but it can be done.

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Jen says 6 years ago

We welcomed our 6th child in December and it has been a big adjustment. Our last child 2 1/2 years ago fit seamlessly into our lives and we hardly skipped a beat. But as you say, all babies are different and #6 has proven that. She will not sleep anywhere but in our arms, or even sit contently anywhere. And she nurses almost continuously at night(yawn). Our school days have not been what they use to but they are getting better. This too shall pass so why stress, right?

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