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Winter Penguin Stationary Set - A Frugal gift you can print and make at home! From little Learning Lovies

Frugal Gift Idea – Winter Penguin Stationary Set

Do you need a frugal gift idea for friends and neighbors?  Our Winter Penguin Stationary Set is PERFECT for you!

Winter Penguin Stationary Set: A Frugal Gift Idea

I’m a homeschooling mother who works from home and I have to say, I go through a LOT of stationary!  Sure, I could use plain ol’ white paper, but I love to use pretty things to keep business notes, jot recipes, make shopping lists, and so much more.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!


Winter Penguin Stationary Set Printable - A Cute, Frugal gift idea from Little Learning Lovies

So one of the things I like to make and put in the store is sets of fun stationary.

This new one, themed around these adorable winter penguins, is my new favorite.  I can think of about a dozen people in my life who would enjoy getting a set for Christmas.  I’ll print out about 40 sheets of paper, 3 sets of the list paper (which will give them over 50 sheets!) and two sets of the note cards (giving them 12 of them).  I’ll tie them up with a pretty ribbon, tuck a nice pen in there and maybe a candy cane.

It’s a sweet, thoughtful and frugal gift which means I can afford to be extra nice to, say, our sweet librarian who has gone above and beyond for us this year, or maybe the mothers in our homeschool group.

Who can YOU think of that would love this?


Over at the Little Learning Lovies Store, you can get yourself this pack of printables.  Our Winter Penguin Stationary Set comes with three files:

Another Gift For You!

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  • Writing Paper (blank, plain ruled and primary ruled!)
  • List paper
  • Note cards

Each of them comes in 6 designs and each of them is so stinkin’ cute!  (Which is your favorite penguin?)

You can print the writing and list papers on plain paper and you CAN do that with the note cards too, but I recommend printing the note cards on card stock; 60lb will do, but 110lb is best.

So, tell me… Who on YOUR gift list would love this?  (Or would you keep it for yourself?)

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