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Cyber Monday Fun at Little Learning Lovies

50% off!

You know already, I think, that our store has everything at half price, right?  This is a great time to grab anything you’ve had on your wishlist!

In honor of the Cyber Monday fun today, I will be randomly refunding the purchase price of at least one customer today!  (Maybe more!) So you just might get your order for FREE!  ♥  Isn’t that fun?

But there’s more!

Our USB Deal just got cooler!

We’ve sold quite a few of these, but I really want you to grab yours NOW while it’s at it’s best price.  Wednesday, the price goes up and then we’re pulling this from the store after Christmas.  Don’t miss this!

Today, you get to PICK YOUR BONUS!  Just choose which gift you’d like from the picture below.  This gift offer is only available to you if you purchase our USB “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” deal!   


Oh… there’s a catch.  You don’t know what’s in which gift!  But I do!  I have a little list next to my desk.

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


Okay… I’ll tell you what MIGHT be in your gift, so you can be a bit excited about it!  So here are the possible gifts in no particular order:

  • $5 Amazon Gift Code
  • Free Pack Of Card Stock
  • Free “Adventures Of Mrs. Claus” CD
  • Free Assortment of Honor Tags
  • Free Set Of “The Cinnamon Bear” CDs

This is a CYBER MONDAY offer ONLY!  So don’t miss it! ♥

Our USB deal is really exciting.

It’s over 800 files (everything I’ve ever made!) with a retail value of over $2,000!  (Yeah… That’s two THOUSAND dollars!  Shocked me, too! 😉 ) But you get them all for less than 12 cents each.  And I ship it to you (free shipping) on a really pretty USB drive!  All that for $99.99!


You can use PayPal Credit when you check out to get 6 months interest free (which works out to just $17 per month!) or, if you don’t want to go through their credit check, you can click here to use our installment plan!  We break it into 3 payments for you, though the cost is slightly higher (only because it costs us more to administer that program for you).  If you use OUR payment plan, we’ll ship the USB once the last payment is in.  If you pay in full here or use PayPal Credit (which you can do as you pay in the main store) we’ll ship it out right away!

This makes an AWESOME gift for homeschoolers or teachers!

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