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Build A Menu – Save Money and Eat BETTER!

Don’t Miss This SALE!

Friends, I am an affiliate with “BUILD A MENU” because they are seriously AMAZING.  And they are having a great sale this month so you can try them out (for a whole year) and see just how much they can really save you.

They help you pick a menu for the week based on what is on sale at your local grocery stores!  I’m not kidding!  You pick where you like to shop, and they share frugal recipes with you that take advantage of all the best sales.  And now, you can add your own recipes in, too!

You can read my full review HERE

This is SO easy to use and REALLY fun too!

What a cool way to try new things, add in all your old favorites and save buckets of money while you eat better and stress less about what you’re going to have for dinner.  Or breakfast.  Or lunch!

You read that right!

Right now, Build A Menu is on sale for just $35 for a whole year of menu planning BLISS!

This will pay for itself in just a month or two by the savings you’ll experience and then, the rest is pure, well, savings.  Just use Coupon Code “BAMfor35” when you check out.  It’s fun to use and the more you use it the faster you’ll get and the more time and money you’ll save.

Another Gift For You!

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Have YOU ever tried Build A Menu before?  What do you think you’d love about this service?

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