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SALE! Nearly Everything is HALF PRICE!

It’s a NOT-BACK-TO-SCHOOL Sale at Little Learning Lovies!


I guess that graphic says it all, huh?  Nearly everything in the store is 50% off right now through August 24th (that’s Sunday).  Stock up on all the goodies you need and want for your new school year.

BOXABLES!  Those are just $1 each right now!  Get a box and games to fill it for less than the price of a take-out pizza! ♥

Here’s A Chance To WIN:

Tell me in the comments:  What’s YOUR favorite deal at the LLL store during this sale?  Leave a link to it in your comment and let us know why you love it.

At the end of the sale, I’ll come back and pick a commenter.  If that person also made a purchase, I’ll send them a free gift certificate to LLL that matches their purchase price!  Spend $10, I’ll send you $10.  Spend $50?  I’ll send you $50.  So you get to choose how big your prize is!  ♥

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Terry Cumberledge says 5 years ago

Boxables! We use them a lot and take them to piano lessons and dr appts to keep littles busy. LOVE them!

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