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Hello, dear readers!

Often, when we start something new, it evolves as we flesh it out and hear back from customers about what they love or don’t.  That’s been the case with our pretty 2014-2015 planner.  The design is all still the same.  But we’ve heard from lots of customers that what they REALLY want is a finished, bound planner, while others love that they can download and print it themselves, giving them the chance to customize it.

Of course, the second group of folks are already happy.  Our planner is in the store right here, ready to be downloaded and printed.

The first group, though, will be pretty happy about this latest announcement.



Aren’t they pretty?

Here’s the deal…

Little Learning Lovies does not currently own a coil binding machine and we’re really REALLY like to.  And it turns out, you’d really REALLY like us to coil bind things for you.  So, let’s see if we can’t make this work, together!

We are holding a special fundraiser to help us buy a coil binder.  You can PRE-PURCHASE a bound planner and take a look at how we’ll be doing it:

Another Gift For You!

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  • We’re going to print the main pages (the ones you write on) using 28 lb ultra bright paper that happens to also be ultra smooth.  This stuff is a DREAM to write on.  It takes our printer ink so crisply and the colors pop brightly. And the slightly heavier weight means that it’s sturdier, allowing it to stand up to constant use.
  • We’re going to print the front and back covers on heavy card stock and then, as we bind them, we’re going to add on a clear poly cover to both the front and the back to help protect the book.
  • We’re going to get a coil binder (more details on that in a minute) and use a white coil to assemble your planner into a beautiful book that you can use over and over again.

About The Options:

Which binder we get depends entirely on how much we raise to do it.  At a minimum, we need to sell 22 planners to make it happen.  Of course, the more planners we sell, the better the machine we can get.

We’ve set up a few different ways you can help:

Ad-DeskPlannerBuy a standard planner.
The standard planner is an 8 1/2″ by 11″ planner that works great for sitting on the desk or taking along with you.  It’s very roomy to write in and is hard to misplace.  This is the one that is available for download in the store, too!  Just in case you’d like to print it yourself.



Ad-PocketPlannerBuy a Pocket Planner.
Our pocket sized planner is half the size of the standard one (4.25″ by 5.5″) and it fits nicely in a purse or bag to take along with you on the go.  Roomy enough to keep track of everything and small enough to take with you.



Ad-BothPlannersBuy BOTH Planners! 
You can save $2 by purchasing both planners together. I know a lot of moms who like to keep one on the desk and one in their purse and this is the perfect way to do it.





We decided to offer a bigger package for those of you who would really like to help us reach our goal a little faster.  The Deluxe Set includes:Ad-Deluxe

  • Standard Planner
  • Pocket Planner
  • 40 sheets of matching full sized stationary
  • 15 matching note cards with envelopes
  • 60 sheets of matching list paper
  • And a special purple pen!

Ad-Note-Cards  Ad-NotePapers Ad-BothPlanners

See? There’s a package there for everyone!

And each one you buy will also be mailed with a special bonus surprise (you won’t know what it is until you open your package!)

So… Can you help us?  Pre-order your planner today!

And share with your friends about this promotion. The faster we reach our goals for this project the faster these beautiful planners will be in your mailbox! ♥

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