July 7

Free Trial At Brainzy!


7 Day Free Trial at Brainzy!

I have to share this with you, because it’s such a great deal…

Not only do you get a 7 day free trial through the link below, you also get $10 off a year’s subscription!

This site has hundreds of math and reading games, teaching videos and stories, all ready for your child to learn with.  3 different kids can play on the same account and it works on your PC/Mac and on your iPad!

Unlimited access to hundreds of math and reading games plus teaching videos and stories. Brainzy helps develop a lifelong love of reading by making practice fun.

** 7 Day free trial  with no obligation to continue **

Have YOU ever tried Brainzy?

I haven’t yet.  So tell me what you think of it!  I just really wanted to share this trial deal with you before they pull it!
*note: this post contains affiliate links.  I only ever include products/services that I think you’ll love and that I really believe in.*


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