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{ Busy Boxes } – Presale Ending SOON!

If you follow me on social media at all (and you do, right?  We’re super active on Facebook and Pinterest and would LOVE to see you there!) you’ve heard all about Busy Boxes.  These are part of a new product line we’re going to be bringing you in the next few weeks and I’m super excited to say that our project HAS been OFFICIALLY FUNDED by YOU, our dear, sweet, ever-supportive readers!

This means I’ll be ordering up all the awesome materials we need to produce these exciting activities for your children to enjoy.  It ALSO means our Pre-Sale will be coming to an end the moment I place that order!

Busy Box Presale Ending Soon!
Don’t Miss The Busy Box Bonuses!

We have some pretty awesome deals going on for these boxes.  The BEST values are at the 3 box and 6 box level where you’re getting a nice discount on the boxes, but right now, for whatever level you grab, you’ll also be getting a special extra coupon (within 24 hours of your order) that you can use right away on Little Learning Lovies downloads!  So you’ll be getting a whole bunch of fun stuff to print and play right away AND you’ll get to look forward to picking out your Busy Boxes later!

What’s In Them?

High quality materials (no cheap stuff!) that are such a delight to play with will make up each activity.  Each box will have at least two different activities in it and each activity can be done over and over.  We’ll send you ideas for different ways to use each activity so the Busy Boxes can grow with your child.  The materials are carefully chosen and designed to teach a variety of things as children play with them in a  natural way.  Want to know more?  Click here to read ALL about them (including the themes of our first 6 boxes!)

Where Can You Get Them?

I’m so glad you asked!  🙂
This is a project in our newest store:  Little Learning Lovies In A Box.  It IS a whole new system so even if you have an account at our original LLL store, you’ll need to make a new one.  But the new system is easier to use and you DON’T have to use PayPal over there if you don’t want to (although you CAN!)

Here’s the link to the product page.  Just pick how many boxes you’d like to pre-order and I’ll contact you when the boxes are done so you can pick which ones you want (or if you order all 6, I’ll just send them all to you!)

Another Gift For You!

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LeAnn says 4 years ago

My daughter is too old for these boxes now, but I know you are not refunding money. Are you planning on completing these?

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