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{NEW} – 2014-2015 Homeschool Planner {PRETTY!}


You’re planning like crazy for next year, I know.  Or maybe you’re more like me and you’re still finishing up last year.  Or, like so many other homeschoolers, maybe you never STOP learning and you just enjoy this crazy homeschool life all year round!  Whatever kind of home-schooler you are, I know this homeschool planner will work for you!


We Took The Best Elements For This Homeschool Planner

I took the BEST elements from a variety of planners I’ve tried in the past and I turned them all into this one 134 page planner that you can download right now, print out and start using.  The dates start immediately and take you clear on through August of 2015!

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Lets take a look at what’s inside, shall we?


Above is a look at a two page spread.  You can see I tried hard to keep it very clean and clear while keeping it pretty!  This spread shows a full week, starting with Monday.  For each day, there are 21 boxes where you can add in your tasks and notes.  Four of them are for household tasks and reminders, twelve of them are for lesson planning and five of them are for scheduling in work tasks.

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Cool, huh?  Now lets take a look at the second sheet in each week-long spread….  There’s room for weekend fun, more planning and (my favorite part) planning out dinners for the week!

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)




In the FRONT of the book, there’s space for important phone numbers and information so you can keep that handy.  And int he back, there’s a 15 month calendar so you can quickly check dates whenever you need to!


2014-2015-Home_Work_Homeschool_Planner-LittleLearningLovies_lt_003 2014-2015-Home_Work_Homeschool_Planner-LittleLearningLovies_lt_134


When you print this off yourself, you have the option to add extra contact sheets to your planner and you can choose to put it all in a standard binder OR you can bring it to a local office supply place and have them spiral bind it for you!

(Have I ever told you how much I want a spiral binder that can handle big batches of paper?  OH The THINGS I would MAKE for you!!!)


So there you have it!  Our newest, prettiest planner that I’m using right this minute to plan homeschool outings, work projects, household tasks (because let’s face it… I need all the help I can get there!) and even our dinners.  We’re saving money and loads of time by keeping up with life through this planner and I love how pretty it is.

So what are you waiting for?  GO ORDER IT!  It’s on sale RIGHT NOW for over 25% off!



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