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Wrap Up Your 2014 Science Curriculum (and have fun this summer too!)

Hey everyone.  Great news!

There is still some room left to enroll in Aurora Lipper’s  online e-science curriculum.

And, she’d giving away a whole bunch of extra cool stuff.

BUT, today is the last day to enroll for fall 2014 and still get all the free bonuses.

Click the link below to get the details before it fills up:


Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


By the way, my kids totally love e-Science.  I’m just amazed how excited they have become about science.  And that they’re really gaining an appreciation for the wonder of the world around them.


If you’re just tuning in, here’s the scoop.

e-Science is the best hands-on science curriculum out there.  Aurora Lipper, creator of the program, want people to see this for themselves so much that she’s put together this special sale with a whole lot of extra bonuses where you can save 70% over the regular price.


This is a self-teaching hands-on curriculum that kids can do on their own.


So, if you don’t have time to teach science, or if science isn’t your forte, this might just be the curriculum for you.

The kind of learning that really relates to the world around them.

Rather than try to explain it all, I’ll leave that to Aurora herself.  But having  seen her stuff, I can tell you that she really over-delivers.  (She can be a little sales gimicky at first, but once you are a customer, all the sales stuff stops and you get to just ENJOY her GREAT science program!)

Today is the last day to enroll for fall 2014 at the special 70% off price and get all the bonuses.

I think there aren’t many spots left.

So, get the whole story from Aurora herself.  Click the link below now to learn more:



I know your kids will have their best year ever in science with the Supercharged Science curriculum.

(Note… Affiliate links are used in this post… We LOVE this program and I REALLY do believe that this is a great choice for a lot of families.  Try it out… She’s totally cool about the whole thing.  If you end up not loving it, she’ll usually refund your money if you’re reasonable about what you request.  Awesome program and awesome customer service!)

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