Nature Study { Part 1 } - An Introduction

Doing A Nature Study – { Part 1 }

Nature Study

Just what is nature study?

It can be so many things.  A walk in the park, a trip through the bush, a guided tour at the local nature park.   It can be a trip to the zoo, and a gander around the backyard.  Nature study can look so very different depending on what your objective is.  In essence what you are doing though, is studying the things found in nature.  Plants, animals, weather, the soil and everything involved with it.  🙂

Nature study can be finding a leaf and drawing it.  Or drawing how moss looks on a log.

Nature Study Drawings

It can be taking a walk in the snow and see how the snow collects into a ball.

Study In The Snow

It can be going out and catching grasshoppers.

Nature Study Grasshoppers

Or tasting clover to see how sweet it is.

Taste A Clover

Nature study can be ever so simple, or a bit more complicated.

Another Gift For You!

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Over the next while we’ll talk about how to do various kinds of nature study, inside your house or out.  🙂

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