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Homeschool Mother’s Soiree — Hen’s Pens Giveaway

Oh, I LOVE this one!

HensPens“Hens Pens” is a really cute Phonics Reader and this is being donated by Sara at Embracing Destiny.  I think I’ll be grabbing up a couple of these for my littlest to enjoy. How cute is this book??

The Giveaway:

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About the Author Sandra Modersohn

Sandra Modersohn is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschooler. She loves great graphic design and has a passion for creating beautiful and useful printable materials for children. Little Learning Lovies where she shares her creations with the world. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, at the Little Learning Lovies Blog and Store.

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Christine B says 5 years ago

Fat Cat on a Mat! My youngest like kitties

Theresa (Capri + 3) says 5 years ago

Ted and Friends sound like a great mix of stories that would appeal to all four of our 3 year-old children.

Piroska says 5 years ago

Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep sounds adorable!

Lesley M says 5 years ago

My son would love “Toad Makes a Road”!!

Jessica says 5 years ago

My kids love anything with animals in the story so I could see any of them being a favorite. Most likely, Big Pig on a Dig.

Cherub says 5 years ago

My girls love cats so definitely “Fat Cat on a Mat”. So cute!

Leigh Owens says 5 years ago

These are adorable! Frog on a Log looks cute.

Janelle Knutson says 5 years ago

My son would probably enjoy Toad Makes a Road.

GreenerMama says 5 years ago

My kids would love all those books!

Jolene Ceravalo says 5 years ago

Fox on a Box

Andrea Bruns says 5 years ago

Fat Cat on a Mat would be my daughters favorite immediately and I’ve been looking for something to teach phonics! These look awesome 🙂

Sheri says 5 years ago

My almost-two-year-old loves that silly song “What does the fox say?” So, Fox on a Box might be a big hit with him! Ted and Friends looks fun, too!

Melody C says 5 years ago

Mouse Moves House

Leena says 5 years ago

I think Goose on the Loose would be a hit. The cover grabs you attention; a goose on an everyday toy, a scooter. Cute.

Shecki @ Greatly Blessed says 5 years ago

Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep, because we have a Sam in our house. 🙂

Jessica Medina says 5 years ago

I am not sure. My kids just love to read!

Sarah says 5 years ago

We love Usborne books! Ted in a Red Bed

Randi Lanz says 5 years ago

We happen to have two geriatric, chubby kitties so Fat cat on a Mat would be a hit here.

Courtney Kraft says 5 years ago

Big pig on a dig

Janet says 5 years ago

My daughter loves books about mice, so “Mouse Moves a House” would be one she would pick. I can definitely see it being a favorite!

Valerie says 5 years ago

Goose on the Loose looks like one that would quickly become a fav!! But they are all darling!

DeeDee says 5 years ago

I always recommend Ted and Friends to people who are looking for good phonics based readers for their kiddos. It is so hard to find good phonics books but these definitely are great!

kmr267 says 5 years ago

I just love Usborne books!

Amanda W-B says 5 years ago

My little man would LOVE Ted in a Red Bed, Fat Cat on a Mat, and Sam sheep can’t Sleep. 🙂 These books are too cute!!

April says 5 years ago

I think my daughter would like Goose On The Loose.

Deanna says 5 years ago

Frog on a Log

Carrie says 5 years ago

They all look fun, but Fox on a Box and Frog on a Log especially look like something that would bring smiles from both of my boys. Fun giveaway. 🙂

Sandy says 5 years ago

My kids would like Fox on a Box.

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