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Homeschool Mother’s Soiree — Crafting With Kids Post Round-up

Today is “Craft with the Kids” day at the Homeschool Mother’s Soiree and I thought we could enjoy a round up of fun posts about project with and for kids.

  • This post is a fun one that usually comes to mind around Christmas time, but there is no reason your kids can’t enjoy this project any time of the year.  Like right now.  I don’t know about you, but I think I’d be ALL KINDS OF EXCITED if someone brought ME a plate of home-made cookies right about now! 🙂



This is a great activity for pre-writers!   And it’s FREE!  🙂  Enjoy the fun of putting together a house while you review shapes and you can use the opportunity to discuss colors too!



  • Ah!  It’s TRUE!  🙂  This is a great post full of encouragement to go ahead and let your kids try out that big machine!  🙂  I would add, as a tip, that it’s perfectly fine to let them practice sewing straight lines on PAPER.  Just draw a line with a ruler and let them see if they can make dots along the line.  NO thread required.  Just steady hands and a willing, safety minded kid.
  • We are a little late getting this to you this year, but please bookmark it for next year.  Beautiful ideas!





  • I know… More to bookmark for next year… 🙂  But these are fun, sweet and perfect!  So please make sure you bookmark it!




  • I LOVE Mr. Poppers Penguins!  It’s such a fun book (Far better and FAR different from the movie, if you’ve ever seen that)

Here is a fun lapbook to enjoy while you’re reading the book.  It’s a GREAT read-aloud!



  • Plantable Greeting Cards???  YES!  You can make them and give them and isn’t this such a sweet idea?

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