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Crafts For Kids – Interesting Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

There are so many crafts designed just for kids.  But kids sometimes only give half an effort to something they fully realize is just kids-play.  When you present them with a skill that is much more adult, they are far more likely to give fuller attention and effort.

Here are a few crafting ideas that just might get your young crafters excited!

1. Punch Needle Embroidery

This craft is fun, easy to learn and quick enough to do that you could produce something like the pattern pictured in a weekend.  Perfect for 8 year olds and up, I would say.

The pattern is worked on the back and the needle pushes the thread through the fabric, creating a loop on the front side.  No knots!  TONS of possibility!

Visit THIS BLOG POST to read more about it.

2. Gallery Glass

Another Gift For You!

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I used to LOVE to do this when I was a kid.  In fact, as a teenager, I taught classes at the local craft store all about how to use this really fun medium to decorate windows!

There is a beautiful blog dedicated to patterns and ideas just for Gallery Glass.  This craft is not expensive to start, and the kids will LOVE to save up their allowance or babysitting money to buy a new beautiful color! (affiliate) Click here to see some of the supplies you’d need to get started.

3. Origami

When picking ideas for this post, I wanted to stick with things that produce both immediate satisfaction AND the potential to become immersed in the craft to master it.  Origami is one such craft.  A skill that can be started quite easily with very inexpensive materials can grow to a lifelong passion with amazing results.  For some easy starts try starting here or looking for more inspiration at THIS BLOG.  And for some beautiful materials, try clicking here.


What are YOUR favorite handi-crafts to work on with your children?

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