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Crafting & Unit Studies!

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You can learn so much from crafting.  And there are so many KINDS of crafts that there is sure to be something that interests your little learners.

Here I’m going to show you some interesting unit studies that focus on certain crafts and brings out more than just the skill, but incorporates history, science, math, reading and so much more.  They are well worth the time to look into and there is nothing quite like seeing your kids get excited when you say “No school this week ( *wink* )… Let’s learn about kites instead!”

Because you are a cool mom like that 😉

Let’s take a look at some great ideas worth ditching school for.


Kite Capers is a unit study from Unit Studies By Amanda Bennett and it’s AWESOME!

Another Gift For You!

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From her Download N Go series, it’s easy from the teachers perspective to add it into the day and it’s AWESOME from the kids perspective because, well, who doesn’t love kites?

So much to learn in this beautifully done unit study.  Such a hands-on topic is sure to brighten up the day of everyone in the family.


Who says handicrafts have to be small… Is there anything more amazing to do with your own hands than to take a tiny seed and nurture it until it blooms?   Why not do a unit study now on gardening and get yourself ready for spring.  Dedicate a small new space in your yard or on your window sill to growing something.  I tell you… It is GOOD for the soul!

Baking Time

There is SO Much to learn in the kitchen and what a wonderful craft to hone!  These studies will help focus your learning as you enjoy time spent together in the kitchen…


I don’t think I need to work hard to convince you that THIS will be a favorite topic in your house!


Is there anything quite as wonderful as the smell of fresh baked bread filling the house?  Well.. maybe that first slice, still hot and steaming, slathered in butter that melts and soaks into the soft, delicious goodness that is home-baked bread.

There are so many wonderful ways to not only include crafting (all kinds!) into your children’s lives but you can expand on it and learn so much from it.  Or you can simply enjoy the feeling of a skill well mastered, which is no small achievement!

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