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Hoo Loves Spring?: Movie Night Kit (Editable PDF!)

Did you know that you can print out a popcorn box?  It makes Family Movie Night so SPECIAL! 🙂  (And you can throw them away when you’re done 😉 )

Now you might be thinking — The INK the INK!  What is this mad-woman thinking??

It’s no where near as bad as you think on ink.  Don’t worry.

“But the PAPER!  Surely you must be insane to suggest we use up our precious paper on something like this!”

Well… but it only takes two sheets to make a big box and the fun you’ll have enjoying them is well worth the paper… And really.  Each sheet only costs about 4 cents.  So between paper and ink, it SHOULD cost you about 10 cents or less per box.  You can handle that!

“I don’t have the TIME to sit there cutting and gluing up popcorn boxes for movie night!”

Another Gift For You!

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OH YES YOU DO!  😉  For me, it only takes about 10 minutes to print, cut, fold and glue 6 boxes.  And if I do it in secret and surprise the kids with it, all the better.  And if NOT… well… I can always make THEM do it!

There’s more in this kit than popcorn boxes!

I created some EDITABLE PDF Tickets too!  You get to enter your family name, the movie title and ticket numbers 🙂  Isn’t that fun?

And I made it easy, so that when you change the family name on one, it changes on all.  Same with the movie title.  SUPER FAST. 

And, you can make your kids EARN their tickets during the week by doing chores and stuff.  Win for Mom!  Fun for kids!

Want to try one for free?

Through Monday Only!  You can get our new Spring Owls set for FREE!  Click here!

This offer expires at midnight, on Monday February 17th 2014

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Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections says 5 years ago

What a neat idea! But I think the thought of popcorn made me hungry and I read “editable” as “edible”. I was wondering how you were going to give us free edible tickets 🙂

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