February 15

Homeschool Mother’s Soiree — Conversation Starters Giveaway




I told you you’d be seeing more of Monica from Arma Dei! 🙂

Here she is giving one lucky duck her beautifully drawn “Family Fun Conversation Pieces” which she adorably recommends we cut out and glue to …. those metal ends from frozen juice containers.  WHY did I not think of using those!  lol  (My LLL Wheels are turning… I hope you don’t mind if I make some games that use those ends too, Monica!)

Let’s get on with the Giveaway, shall we?


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Broken & Blessed

Broken & Blessed
  1. We eat together almost every night. Even our 3 month old likes to sit at the table and coo to her sisters.

  2. When I feel good enough we do, but with my health it is very difficult! This would make it easier for us to do so in my opinion!

  3. Yes! The kids and I sit and eat every meal together, and then we eat every supper meal possible together as a family with my husband.

  4. We do have family dinner time most evenings without a radio or TV on. Valuable time to talk about our day.

  5. we try to sit together every night but sometimes things happen and we are away from each other.

  6. We sit down for meals together as often possible. With four on-the-go girls, a husband who travels frequently, and my job with evening hours, it doesn’t seem like often enough!

  7. We made a point to sit together at the table every night. As a new twist, we’re trying to implement having everyone share something interesting they learned or experienced in the day – a set like this would definitely give the sharing an interesting twist.

  8. I love the idea of talking at the dinner table. We do A LOT of board/card games and dominoes. It has been a great way to spend time. And because we don’t have cable or anything like that, it is a fun way to pass time. 🙂

  9. We do and we even wait to have dinner at 7:30 with my husband when he gets home from work.

  10. When we can! We have a lot of nights when my Hubby works late or we get back from gymnastics late. So as much as possible! Yes!!

  11. We usually try to when we are all together ( right mow my husband is working in NC and i am in NJ working until we sell our house). It is not really too hard yet since our boys are still young and not pulling in different directions in sports or anything, yet

  12. We try to most nights. My husband works some atypical hours, so some nights he doesn’t get back until 9, which is that is the case, it’s just me and the kidlet sitting down to eat. But we do try to eat all together whenever we can. I think family dinners are important.

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