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The Albums

This service is a really interesting one and I really think it fills an important need!  For us, we have far away family that would REALLY like to see their grandchildren more often.  But I worry about sharing too many photos online because there are a lot of not-so-great people who are ALSO online and I have no idea what THEY are planning or plotting….

But sharing these through The Albums makes it very easy, safe and fun to include everyone in the memories.  Only the people YOU invite to see your albums can have access to them.

See what it looks like:

You CAN also make an album public, which means that ANYONE with the URL can access it.  Like THESE albums that you can check out to see what it all looks like.

You can also make an album completely private so that only YOU can see the photos.

I’ll be doing a full review on them later in the month, but for now, YOU get to have a chance at winning a lifetime membership!  In fact, we get to award 2 of you darling mommas with this prize.  How much is each prize worth? That depends on how long you use it!  But it’s normally $3.95 per month for the service, which is worth ever single ad-free penny!  😉

The Giveaway:

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Christine B says 5 years ago

It looks very easy and simple to use, nothing crazy to click on to find the album you need. My family would love it if I shared my albums with them like this.

Theresa (Capri + 3) says 5 years ago

The Album examples on the site are very easy to navigate and it would be a great way to share pictures with family and friends.

Judith says 5 years ago

I love that we could share the link to just one album or all of them depending on what we’re doing.

Meme says 6 years ago

I love that it has no ads!

Sarah Kopke says 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing The Albums with your readers Sandra!

We tried to make a place that felt more like looking through a photo album in your living room than being on a website.

Thanks for the encouraging comments and I hope you’ll join us as we get started! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jessica Medina says 6 years ago

well organized

Andrea Bruns says 6 years ago

Great idea and adorable pics!

Amanda W-B says 6 years ago

I love how neat and organized it is! It site doesn’t distract from the photos which is awesome. I really hope they have a password protect option, that would completely sell me on The Albums. We have a few people in our family that are up to no good and a password would really give me piece of mind.

Jolene Ceravalo says 6 years ago

It looks like it’s fairly simple to use!

Leena says 6 years ago

Great site. I love how well organized you can keep all you photos by setting up different albums and only certain people can see them if that is the setup you select.

Amy L says 6 years ago

This looks amazing and peaceful, just like they state!

DeeDee says 6 years ago

This is such a neat idea. I love that it is more like an album than just every picture you’ve ever taken. And also that they are so well organized.

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