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January 2014 Lovie Packs are Here!


We have a LOT of fun stuff in store for you this month with our Lovie Packs! And a SPECIAL Freebie this month for EVERYONE!  Just read to the end to learn more…

If you are new to our Lovie Packs, click here to learn more about them and how this all works!

Here are the links if you’re ready to go get your Lovie Packs TODAY!!!


Ready to take a look at everything we have for you this month?

The tables below show you the titles of each printable game/activity included in each pack and also gives you the full retail price of each.  This way you can see how much you are saving by purchasing the pack!  These are GREAT deals this month!


Tiny Lovie Pack, for PreK through 1st grade (ages 2 – 7)

1. Arctic Shadow Match –> Boxable Game $2.00
2. Arctic Sizing Cards –> Sorting and sequencing $2.00
3. Arctic Counting Hide ‘n Seek Puzzle Game $4.00
4. Arctic Families –> Boxable Mommy/Baby match $2.00
5. Arctic & Winter Dot Art $3.00
6. Arctic/Winter Lacing Cards $2.00
7. 2 Part Puzzles (Alphabet & Counting) $5.50
8. “Months” Copywork in Print $3.00


You Save: 




Little Lovie Pack, for 1st through 3rd grades (Ages 7 – 10)

1. Arctic Antonyms – Bingo Game $3.50
2. Multiplication Memory Game! $3.25
3. Arctic Habitat – Boxable Game $2.00
4. Arctic Story Line $4.25
5. Make Your Own – Editable Board Game (Arctic Themed) $6.00
6. Arctic Writing Papers $2.50
7. Arctic Adventures – Math Practice with a twist! $4.00
8. “The Months” Poem Copy Work in Cursive $3.00


You Save: 






These bonuses accompany ALL January Lovie Pack Purchases, if you buy either one of them or both of them.

1. EDITABLE Tags – Useful for all kinds of things! $2.50
2. Arctic Themed MOVIE NIGHT KIT (Editable!) $4.00



Here are those links again so you can get your Lovie Packs TODAY!!!

Another Gift For You!

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Free Extra Bonus Time!

Now that you’ve read all about our Lovie Packs, I have a special freebie to thank you for visiting today…


Free Winter Friends Themed Check Lists

These match our Lovie Pack Theme this month and are a great way for you to try out the quality of our printables before you buy something.

Please share the link to this post with your friends!  They’ll love these lists too!


We’re linking this freebie up with Homeschool Survival!  Go take a look! 🙂

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Edwina M says 6 years ago

Your products look really wonderful, but they are pretty expensive to have printed or use quite a lot of ink if you print them up yourself. Have you ever thought of making them in black and white in such a way that people could print them up cheaper? I would love to be able to print up some of the pages and color them together with our son, then finish making whatever we are making, like the game or make the writing paper on regular paper and color the figures on it. Just a thought to help with the cost of printing. We do things like lapbooks and color the graphics together as we go while I’m teaching our son.

Amanda W-B says 6 years ago

Oh my goodness! You have really outdone yourself with this one. I really think this will be tied with Neverland as my favorite!!

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